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July 21, 2013

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The Stick Legacy. Chapter 90: The Finale

September 14, 2011

My heart sunk as the past few months my compulsion to hunt and kill has gotten stronger. When Holly was asleep I would sit and watch the love of my life peaceful in her dreams, something I wished I could have.

The last few nights I have been packing a few things and putting them into my car waiting for the right time. When I was younger I thought becoming a vampire would be a good choice, a wonderful life but I found out as I got older, it’s not all fun. I went to see the doctor about my compulsions and he told me that it wasn’t uncommon for a vampire to react this way. Over time they would get stronger and uncontrollable and soon I wouldn’t be able to see right from wrong. This was one reason of many I wanted my kids to be a sim just like their mum.

I don’t want to hurt my family and I have to do what is right. Holly came into the room where was staring at the TV and I held her hands and kissed her with such affection that I don’t want to let go. I tried many times to write a letter to explain but the only words that would ever appear on the paper was Holly I’m sorry. She deserved more of an explanation than that.

I went to Jason’s room and looked through his draws to find the videos he had shot of Holly and William together. As I never wanted to forget Holly or William to forget his mother.

I went into the garden and took as much plasma as I could get for my journey to who knows where. It had to be enough to feed the boys and me. I don’t want to take to boys from their mother but I know what lies ahead.

After Holly had fallen asleep I kissed her forehead told her how much I loved herand how sorry I was. I went into the nursery and took the boys one by one to the car. I took one last look around as I drove off into the night in the hope in time Holly would understand and one day forgive me.

Thanks to everyone who followed the Stick Legacy. There were times I thought I would never end this but its finally here so thanks one again to all who supported me while writing this my first story 🙂

The Stick Legacy. Chapter 89: The Truth

September 13, 2011

I took a trip to the spa hoping this would help ease my stress at least for the day. I loved being pampered after all isn’t that what us pregnant Sims deserve. I was given a facial a mud bath and by the time I came out I felt so relaxed you could of knocked me over with a feather.

Estevan was busy bonding with William while I was resting he taught him to walk and talk. William loved being able to walk and get around by himself and once he knew how to talk he would just go on and on.

Jason would always read a bedtime story to William to get him off to sleep. I went outside to get fresh air as the it was warm evening and found Estevan acting strangely. This time I wanted answers and I wasn’t taking no for an answer. “Estevan snap out of it what’s going on?” “Nothing.” as he tried playing peek a boo with my stomach. “Just stop this what is going on and don’t lie to me.” I demanded again.

“Ok, my compulsion to hunt, to kill is getting stronger and I’m afraid I will hurt you and Jason. William is fine as he is a vampire so I have no desire to harm him but I need to feed.” “Oh but can’t you feed from me?” “Not while you are pregnant, it would harm the baby and I can’t risk that. The longer this goes on the more at risk you and Jason are in.”

“I know you won’t harm because you love me and you love your best friend. We will find a way I know we will.” “I don’t know Holly, I really don’t know!”

The weeks pass by in a daze as I waited for the arrival of the new baby to arrive. I hardly saw Estevan as he wanted to keep his distance. I would be asleep when he got home and he would be gone by the time I woke up.

I went into labour and I rushed to the hospital, ringing Estevan on the way telling him to meet me there.

I gave birth to another baby boy and we named him Blake and again it was confirmed he just like his brother was a vampire.

The Stick Legacy. Chapter 88: Generation 10

September 12, 2011

I got to the hospital and within minutes our new baby was born. We had a boy and named him William. The hospital then confirmed he was a vampire. I didn’t care I had a son but Estevan looked almost heartbroken. I tried asking what was wrong but all he would reply was “It’s nothing. We have a little boy aww he looks so cute, I’m so proud of you.”

When we arrived home I laid William in the cot and went to rest. I heard the nursery door open and so I got up to look and found Estevan snuggling William saying “I love you and I’m sorry, I wanted you to have a normal life to be a Sim not a vampire.” then he laid him back down and left the room by this time I was back in bed pretending I was still sleeping, What was worrying him and why wouldn’t he tell me.

Jason loved his nephew and was always helping out by feeding William and playing with him. He took him out to the park and in general spoilt him.

I find out only a few month after having William I’m expecting again. I can’t wait and I hope Estevan will be ok with the news.

I told him and as before he was excited but I saw concern in his eyes “Tell me what’s worrying you.” “Ok, it our son and the baby on the way. I want them to be like you a Sim.” “Why, what’s going on?” I demanded to know “I want them to have a normal life not be a vampire that’s all.” he said as he ran from the room. I knew he wasn’t telling me everything, I didn’t care what our children were as long as they were loved and happy but something was going on and he needed to tell me.

William was growing up fast and he had become a cute little boy. He learnt things at a very fast pace he was a genius. Jason and Estevan spoilt him on his birthday.

I was half way through this pregnancy and William was making things hard work always into different things. Estevan was the only one who could keep up with him.

The Stick Legacy. Chapter 87: Expecting

September 11, 2011

Not long after we got married I found out I was expecting our first child. I was told I had to take things easy by Estevan, I think he just wanted to take care of me while I was expecting. Even though we were happy and couldn’t wait for our baby things started to change. It was little things at first and to be honest I thought it was the pregnancy but it wasn’t. I looked out of the window to only see Estevan acting very strange and when I asked him about it he just stood there and said “Holly you are imaging things just look after that baby.” I tried to call out to him but he either didn’t hear or was ignoring me, either way he wasn’t talking about it.

I then saw him consuming more plasma than normal. I was now starting to get really worried about him. Jason even tried to talk to him for me but even to his best friend since school, he told him “Back off J, I know you are trying to help your sis but believe me for your own sake butt out.” When Jason told me about their conversation by now we were both concerned because the way he spoke was even out of character for him using words like sis was very weird because he would always say my name to Jason as he once said he loved the name.

As time was moving on my bump was growing and I was always eating to keep me and the baby from staving. Estevan thought it was funny that I took eating for two so seriously.

As a fire fighter he had been promoted and was now putting out more intense fire working around the clock.

Estevan would give me a massage to help with the back ache as this pregnancy was taking its toll on my body. Jason still hadn’t heard from Leslie and was starting to think that things were not going to work out.

Six months later and I’m due any day now, Jason is really excited for me and Estevan is pacing up and down waiting for our baby to be born. I receive a call from Gertrude asking if I’ve had the baby yet and I keep telling her the same thing not yet. The doctors still can’t confirm if the baby will be a vampire or Sim. Either way I know our baby will be loved.

As I’m getting ready for bed a pain rips through me and I know the baby is on the way the contractions are so quick, Estevan is in a panic as we both know this isn’t good news for contraction to be only a minute apart with no prior warning.

The Stick Legacy. Chapter 86: The wedding

August 16, 2011

Estevan pull me in close as I greeted him in work. He had just finished a long shift putting out many fires around town. “Holly are nervous about tomorrow?” “No are you?” I said in a childish tone. “Looking forward to it.” as he finished getting changed.

The wedding was tomorrow and even though I was looking forward to wedding I was very nervous. I mean Mum and Dad weren’t going to be there. Jason was now giving me away and he was so nervous. Estevan couldn’t sleep that night as I heard him pace the house. I decided to check on him but when I got to the living room he had fallen asleep on the couch. I decided not to wake him as we both had a big day ahead.

The wedding wasn’t until the evening so I had the day to relax and take my time in getting ready. When Gertrude arrived at lunch time she start fussing saying things like why aren’t you getting ready yet, talk about pushy.

I finally got myself ready carefully avoiding Estevan seeing me, as everyone kept telling me it was bad luck for either of us to see each other before exchanging our vows. Sims started arriving and I could hear a lot of conversations going on. I did look out of the window and saw Estevan looking very nervous and everyone was asking him are you ok? Then I heard someone say to him she will be here don’t worry.

Now it was time for me to make my way downstairs and out to the garden where everyone was waiting. Jason greeted me at the bottom of the stairs and asked “Holly are you ready to marry my best friend?” I giggled at the comment as I remembered Estevan had called for Jason that day and it was just luck that I answered the door first. At first it annoyed Jason that he would end up calling for me not his mate but he got used to it in the end. “Yes I am and how do I look?” “You look very beautiful, you really do.” as he give me a kiss on the cheek.

Everyone looked on as I approached the arch where Estevan was waiting. Then everyone took their seats as they all watched us exchanging our vows. He looked so handsome and as we were saying our vows most Sims were crying with happiness.

It was then time to cut the cake and after awhile we disappeared leaving the party carry on in our absence and we had a private party of our own.

The Stick Legacy. Chapter 85: Death

July 27, 2011

Jason had aged up well, he was now engaged to Leslie but things weren’t going so well for them lately you would always here them argue. Leslie was accusing Jason of flirty with the maid and even when he tried to say she was imagining things that made things worse.

Gertrude would phone from time to time asking how things were going. I phoned her out of the blue and she immediately knew something was wrong. Dad had passed away and Mum was devastated by his passing. When I told her the news she hung up the phone, I tried to call again but no answer. Even though their relationship had improved over the years, their relationship had never really been the same since his affair. Gertrude never got over the betrayal and felt he had let the family down.

Estevan job as a fire fighter was going well and he had been promoted several times since starting his job. His handiness was very useful as he able to maintain the fire engine and the response alarms for the station. He had also been given a special fire uniform so he was able to cope with sun light during call outs. His toughest job yet though was putting out a fire and then having to break down the doors so he was able rescue some trapped Sims.

Estevan bachelor party was this evening and even though he’d asked me to stay, I decided that it properly wasn’t the best thing so I decided to take Mum to the local dance club to dance the night away. After I got home Estevan told me how his evening was in full swing with two dancers but how he had scared them away because his thirst had become so powerful that he started to hunt. Salvador and Jason had managed to stop the hunt as he knew the signs.

Jason relationship with Leslie was still on rocky ground and Mum said we should let it run its cousre and stay out of this but that was difficult as I wanted to help Jason fix his relationship but I knew she was right and he had to figure things out for himself. Leslie was going on holiday with her family so a week apart might help things. A few days before our wedding Mum passed away, I wanted to cancel the wedding but Gertrude and Jason both said that it should go ahead as it would be just what Mum would want.